Back to Basics with Baker

I’m Tim Baker and I want to be your next Lieutenant Governor for the Great Show me State.

Tim Baker, A father, husband, and grandfather, former businessman, Christian, Current Franklin County Clerk keeping elections safe and secure.

I was raised in Franklin County. A graduate of Pacific High School. Attended ECC our local community college, achieving an associates degree in business management. Went on to Missouri State College in Joplin, receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. My lovely wife of 29 years Debbie and I have four grown daughters, and one grandson.

My background is in Manufacturing as I helped run our family’s business for 20 plus years. Now completing my fifth year as the Franklin County Clerk. I have over seen countless elections, keep them safe and secure.

This is my home, where I can see my past, present, and future. I want to serve as your Lieutenant Governor, where I can help determine the quality of government in the present, and affect the direction of the future. I have a passion for not only the county I live in but Missouri as a whole, and only want good government for its people.

Our government works best when elected officials answer to the people they represent. I have spent a lot of time listening to citizens of our state. I hear your discouragement about our government, at all levels.

I know we can make a difference together.

I still believe in the power of good government, and even more in the power of good people to do amazing things when given right conditions and opportunities I am running for Lieutenant Governor because I want to protect the good that has been built and bring about a positive change for the future. Our system isn’t perfect but have the power to make it better. We just need to get back to our Basics. Help me make that happen by getting back to the “Basics With Baker”.

Let’s do some good together and get Back to Basics With Baker

During my time as clerk, I have work hard to keep Franklin County elections safe and secure. I have started a Franklin County wide education program with in our schools that educates students on the positions of our elected officials as well as the importance of voting. Through this program I am and other elected officials are able to meet and talk with the future of our state, our students.

As Lieutenant Governor Tim will promote job and economic growth, promote tourism, work diligently with our veterans and senior citizens.

Dear fellow Missourians,

As I start this journey to become the next Lieutenant Governor; I look forward to meeting with you and proving to you I can earn your vote. Please join our efforts in getting Back to Basics with Baker.

Support "Back to Basics with Baker"


Gun Rights

"Shall not be infringed" I will always stand unwavering on our 2nd amendment.

Those words are very clear. I am a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Holder, and have always supported the NRA (national rifle association).


Missouri's #1 industry. Our family is part of the Missouri Century Farm program. We have the privilege of eating everyday because of the men and women who work tirelessly on Farms to feed our families.

Next to our Military these folks don't get enough support or credit. We need to protect our Missouri Farm lands from foreign investors. I will stand firmly on protecting our farms and not allow foreign investors control our food source.


Education is extremely important to the success of our students and the communities they live in. Technology is wonderful but we need to remember our basics.

I support bringing more trades back into our schools, and enriching our students with a diverse set of skills to open up new avenues for their futures.

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