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Book County Clerk Tim Baker provides to Children in Schools around Franklin County Receives Award

“Since I’ve been in office, I’ve always wanted to do something to help better educate our students and our citizens about voting and everything that goes on at the county level,” Baker told county commissioners at their Tuesday meeting. “An idea came up to make a book on Franklin County to help promote the county and county government, because we’re the people you see every day.”

Tim Speaks on The Morning Crew with Dan & Drew

Tune in at 2:17:54. Tim Baker, currently Frankly County Clerk as of March 2024, joins the crew to speak on why he is running for Lieutenant Governor. Tim also speaks on what he has currently in put in place as the County Clerks. Topics covered include: tracking ballots and ensuring everything stays accounted for, online vs paper ballots, the educational workbook implemented in county schools, and taking action.

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