Gun Rights

"Shall not be infringed" I will always stand unwavering on our 2nd amendment.

Those words are very clear. I am a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Holder, and have always supported the NRA (national rifle association).


Missouri's #1 industry. Our family is part of the Missouri Century Farm program. We have the privilege of eating everyday because of the men and women who work tirelessly on Farms to feed our families.

Next to our Military these folks don't get enough support or credit. We need to protect our Missouri Farm lands from foreign investors. I will stand firmly on protecting our farms and not allow foreign investors control our food source.


Education is extremely important to the success of our students and the communities they live in. Technology is wonderful but we need to remember our basics.

I support bringing more trades back into our schools, and enriching our students with a diverse set of skills to open up new avenues for their futures.

Government Accountability

With our ever increasing state budget, we need to focus on working within our means.

Running a family business, I know first hand what it means to stay with in our means.

It's our duty to make the hard decisions and stick with them to better the bottom line for everyone.


Coming from a small business, this one hits home. Government needs to have guidelines in place to help encourage and grow small businesses, rather than putting a tight squeeze on them forcing them to go out of business.

Small businesses make up a large portion of our employment in the state. We need to focus more on how to help strength our businesses without the bogg down of regulations.

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